Maps not updating on pcm2

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A lot of people are under the misconception that an early PCM can be made to play MP3 files from a CD , simply by updating the software.This only appears to be the case if the PCM model was originally supplied as a level B unit with version 3.0 or higher.PCM2.1 Navigation Europe DVD 08.2012 – 997.044.903.50 (currently £303.53 VAT).Notes: Levels A, B and Phone are done with a CD in the PCM CD drive. Phone update is only required if the telephone module is fitted to the car. Different update disks are required for 9PA Cayenne models.Required Updates: a) If PCM is version 04035xxx then apply updates in this order: Level A, Level B, Phone, and Level C.

4) Level C - 000.044.901.40 - Updates Navigation Module, after Level B is installed, to Level C.I've quite a collection of PCM update discs and yet to find one that allows the Level A units to be updated beyond Level B The navigation DVD drive has its own software separate to the PCM , when you update the Navigation drive (or load a new map DVD) you don't update the PCM software , the disc is inserted in the navigation drive rather than the PCM slot.The PCM unit acts as the "host" and gateway for the MOST system , so it displays the software versions of all the connected devices (Phone, PCM, Navigation , Amplifier).Press MAIN TRIP together Scroll down to PCM and select Make a note of PCM Actual Version Go back & scroll down & select Amplifier Make a note of Amplifier Actual Version.If your car does not have an amplifier, the option will not be there.

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