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After two years, he finally revealed himself of his oral cancer. He loves his kids and has fun together whenever he gets time. Photo credit: Kilmer is very close to his daughter and son. Kilmer found challenging to describe the role of Mark Twain on the stage. According to the Wiki, his parents got divorced in 1968.

He often talks about his children on social media: Twitter and Facebook. Recently, the news of Kilmer’s death spread too quickly causing concern among fans and admirers across the world. The Date of Birth of Val Edward Kilmer is December 31, 1959, which makes his age 57 at present day. Kilmer attended a Christian Science school, Berkeley Hall School in Los Angeles, until ninth grade. Kilmer cast in several movies: Real Genius, Top Secret, The Doors, Batman Forever, The Saint, 5 Days of War, Song to Song and much more. Kilmer is also a supporter of Native American Affairs.

Val was also declared as a romantic boyfriend in his college times but by now he stated he is focused with achieving his net worth and sharpening his career by side.

Val is a secret good dancer but he has not officially flashed about this fact.

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Jim Ducharme Wonderland (8-Sep-2003) · John Holmes Masked and Anonymous (22-Jan-2003) · Animal Wrangler The Salton Sea (23-Apr-2002) · Danny Hard Cash (15-Feb-2002) Red Planet (6-Nov-2000) · Robby Gallagher Pollock (6-Sep-2000) · Willem De Kooning Joe the King (22-Jan-1999) · Bob At First Sight (12-Jan-1999) · Virgil Adamson The Prince of Egypt (16-Dec-1998) · Moses The Saint (4-Apr-1997) · Simon Templar The Ghost and the Darkness (11-Oct-1996) · John Patterson The Island of Dr.

As a young actor, he’s also getting kudos for making some pretty interesting career choices – he made his acting debut with James Franco and Emma Roberts in -shaped career millstone round his neck and the stroppy, vampire bothering ex-girlfriend (sorrynotsorry Twihards).

Or Nicholas Hoult without the unfortunate Badly Drawn Boy connotations.

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The film tells the story of a young actor who is suddenly launched into stardom as the lead in a major movie franchise.The worse health condition of an actor worries their fans and admirers. Let’s find out the fact regarding his health condition and also know more about his personal life:, actor Val Kilmer got admitted to a UCLA Medical Center after he bled from the throat.So did the health of former The American actor, Val Kilmer, had a serious health issue a couple of years ago. A source told TMZ that Val has a tumor in his throat.Val is soon planning to get another new car and gift it to his beloved mother. Not only did he look hot and fairly swashbuckling, it was also the start of his union with co-star Joanne Whalley, with whom he had son Jack. But he baby-faced acting royalty, who seems determined to carve out a career as "A Serious Actor." To be fair, Jack seems to take after his mother in the looks department – all red hair and ethereal, slightly androgynous features.

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