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Sometimes I think it is something my husband may even be jealous of!

Only because he doesn’t understand the relationship between a girl and her horse.

We forget the animal and how none of it would possible if it weren’t for them.

We get so focused on having a perfect ride, a perfect pattern, a blue ribbon, etc…

As far as the showmanship goes, it started off with a little bit of drama, but it wouldn’t be the Congress if there wasn’t any drama. I HAD THE BEST GO I HAVE EVER HAD IN THE SHOWMANSHIP! I walked out of the pen trying to catch my breath (mainly because I am out of shape) and tears were rolling down my face.

When I went to find out what split I was in, my number wasn’t on the list. Somehow I knew I wasn’t going to get a call back, and as I walked through the gate all the emotion of it being my last show hit me. Of the thousands of patterns we had done together, that was the last… It was the most wonderful moment I have had in a long time.

I am not really sure what the judge’s think when an odd number comes into a different split. It didn’t matter to me if we won, it didn’t matter to me if we placed, and it didn’t matter if we got a finalist ribbon. It We all have that one horse that changes our lives forever. The one we can’t give up because we can’t replace it for any price.

Everyday I would leave the barn feeling like I had the best conversation in the world.It is a bittersweet day for me that I have chosen not to think about until now. For the past four years I have said that she was retired. It’s just me and her, together, having the time of our life enjoying something that the two of us know like the back of our hand. For 10 years we have traveled here to Ohio, and for 10 years we have competed together as a team.Three out of those four years when the Congress rolled around I decided I was going to show her (because I love this show, remember), just like I did this year. After this year Miss Delta Dawn and I will never show here together again.that we forget to remember to enjoy what we are doing.I will admit, when I was showing 30 some weekends out of the year, it is easy to lose sight of that.

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