Interracial dating hate crimes

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Deputies say the black man and white woman were standing outside a business in Metairie when Descant swerved to hit them. on April 17 outside Birdies Service Station at on charges including hate crimes and aggravated assault.

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In 2013 24.3% of all hate crime offenders were black.

According to the last census, blacks make up 12.6% of the population.

Here are the other races that the FBI keeps stats on with their hate crime and population percentages: 0.8% of offenders were Native American and Alaskan versus 0.9% of the population. 0.7% of offenders were Asian versus 4.8% of the population.

0.1% of offenders were Hawaiian or Pacific Islanders versus 0.2% of the population.

With 24% of hate crime offenders being black when their population is only 12% tells me there is an alarming amount of racism and hatred in the black community. Go turn on the TV to find out how whites are the racists responsible for tearing this country apart.

(Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office via AP) METAIRIE, La.That means that blacks commit hate crimes at nearly double the rate of their population percentage.Now let’s compare that to whites: The FBI reports that 52.4% of hate crime offenders were white.We are told that because blacks are incarcerated at a disproportionate rate compared to their population that the criminal justice system is racist.We are told that because blacks are suspended from school at a disproportionate rate compared to their population that the education system is racist.

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