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This week we learned that former homeschooler and child-author Joshua Harris not only left his wife, but also has announced that he is departing from the faith.

I have already had someone ask me, “How could someone so godly walk away?

Some parents who have no business homeschooling find themselves bullied into it through guilt and shame by their zealous friends.

In my circles in the mid-nineties, it created a that was often passed down to the children.

I am a fan of homeschooling—if the parents are fully committed.

But I also have seen situations where the parents are hardly involved.

With Joshua Harris, the crisis simply manifested later in life, but the roots go back to his childhood fame.

Joshua Harris giving dating advice at age 21 was not just cute and fascinating, but wrong and destructive.

What could an unmarried 21-year-old know about dating and courtship? ) He was just repeating what others had taught him at conferences like the home-schooling world’s wildly popular Bill Gothard seminars (A fundamentalist, near cultic teacher, who himself has been accused of grooming young girls and molesting them.

“I hope you can forgive me.⁣⁣” Harris received mixed reviews — support and some pushback — for his latest announcement.

One of the most unsettling, faith-shaking events for a believer is when someone we respect leaves the faith.

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