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I have already had someone ask me, “How could someone so godly walk away?

” This blog is not meant to judge Joshua Harris, but to help you understand how a famous author and pastor could deny the Bible he preached.

He was the leader of a judgment culture, while preying on young girls.). Mahaney, leader of the (their original name) started off as a cutting edge, prophetic and apostolic movement.

Because it came in the package of a homeschooler fresh out of high school, we bought into it. I remember encouraging my girls to read, I have heard from other parents who had to ask forgiveness from their children for pushing the book on them without fully thinking it through. In Bible school, I devoured their monthly magazine.

The church developed a reputation for looking down on other congregations. My guess is that his 44-year-old self looked at his 21-year-old self in disgust.

They were Christian elitists, who, according to many “survivors” (they have their own website), elevated the role of men to such a level, that sexual assault was tolerated. At 44, he has probably recognized that it was foolish and arrogant, if not downright dangerous, to write a book against dating before he was even married.

One of the most unsettling, faith-shaking events for a believer is when someone we respect leaves the faith.

The minute any parent allows their child’s talent to take them to fame before they have developed the character to handle it, they have set them up for disaster.For those who don’t know, Joshua Harris came to fame (at the age of 17) for publishing his own magazine, targeting his fellow homeschoolers.This magazine publication was followed by his extremely popular and controversial book, .I know many homeschool parents who are simply arrogant in how they view other non-homeschooling parents.There is a tremendous amount of judgment that takes place.

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