How to create an online dating profile

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One fun photo of you in your crazy Halloween costume from last year is fine but if all of your pics are you ‘playing a character’, other singles will only see you as a jokester. If you are an actor, singer, or entertainer, for example, don’t only post headshots or modeling pics unless you look flawless all the time in normal life. You want your dates to feel that you will be a fun addition to his or her life, not a burden or a downer.Singles on online dating sites want to see what you really look like on an average day…not photos of you after a team of people have done your makeup, wardrobe, lighting etc. Also be careful about pre-scolding your potential love-interests.

If you do post pics with one other person, explain who he or she is somewhere in your profile for example, ‘that’s my brother/sister in this pic’ so there’s no confusion. It’s important to be clear about who you are in group photos. The more pics you post with a variety of expressions in a variety of settings just makes you look that much more interesting.Because it’s hard to be objective when choosing a few photos to represent you, here are a few photo guidelines. Seriously, you do realize that you are trying to attract potential dates, right?!Don’t post photos with you hugging, kissing or being lovey-dovey with an ex.It’s your job to be clear about what you’re looking for on your online quest. Better to be clear about the basics from the beginning to avoid being misleading.If you’re interested in finding a partner, feel free to put a statement like ‘looking for something serious.’ If looking for something more casual, say something like or even ‘looking to meet new people to have fun with.’ If you are clear about your objectives, it will help to weed out those who may not be right for you and what you are looking for. As far as interests go, share a variety of interests to attract more singles.

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    Yes, you must break the ice with any topic that are of a general interest for e.g. Be careful of the sex of chatting of the other person.

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