How do you organize a speed dating event

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It is an evening where whilst appreciating fine food, you will come to appreciate the value of all your senses. You can’t see your hand in front of your face, it is completely pitch black! To be honest, it’s a little unnerving, yet it’s also very intriguing.

It’s a unique experience and while you may enjoy the buzz of the unknown, you will also relax fairly quickly. Your designated guide will lead you into the restaurant.

Everyone moves from seat $n$ to seat n (\mod 13)$ after each course.

ABCDEF GHIJKL then IEAJFB KGCLHD then CFILBE HKADGJ In this arrangement, everyone meets everyone else (next-to, opposite or opposite's next-to) except for BK, EH and FG.

Don’t worry about eating frogs legs and snails though – they taste better than they look! The range of sensory experiences it provides is probably the biggest surprise of the night. We don’t want to give too much away but there is a reason why the French have such a magnificent culinary reputation. After the meal there will be plenty of time to grab a drink or two whilst talking about your experience. The type of food served takes into account the surroundings, but don’t worry, you won’t be getting spaghetti. As we have taken a large block booking, we have been able to negotiate a substantial discount on the normal price.

Only kidding, but suffice to say you could be eating food you never thought you would like, or like the look of! We feel the evening represents fabulous value at just £45 per person to include the magnificent food, the professional hosting and the matching afterwards. This will give you plenty of time to enjoy your meal and indulge in some interesting conversations. Blind people are more competent in the darkness and are the best people capable of doing the job in such a context.

We will do our best to seat you with compatible people to ensure you get the most out of the evening.

Remember to upload your photo to let people know what you look like with the lights on!Talking of which, after everyone has eaten, you will be taken up to the lounge, and you can collect your possessions on the way.In the lounge, there will be a relaxed atmosphere as you share experiences with one another – and prepare to be pleasantly surprised as you discover what you have just eaten.Bearing in mind it is going to be pitch black in there, just before entering your guide will ask you to stand in a line putting your right hand on the right shoulder of the person in front and then you will carefully walk in. The restaurant is, although you won’t be able to see it, very spacious, with extra wide walkways to enable the staff to move around safely. You will have a designated blind waiter who will look after you throughout the night. You will not know exactly what you are eating, you will have to trust your senses, including your taste buds!Just call out their name and they will come to help you. There is a toilet in the restaurant but as it is pitch black, it’s probably best that you go before or after the meal, in one of the lit toilets next to the bar and lounge. Prior to going into the restaurant, you will be given a key to your personal locker (much like at a top gym) where you will put in anything that could create light inside the restaurant, such as a camera, a watch, a lighter and your mobile phone, which will not be allowed into the restaurant. This is award winning Modern European Cuisine with all food prepared and cooked using fresh and tasty ingredients to an extremely high standard. The kitchen is lit as the Chef and his team must be able to use each of their senses to deliver great cuisine. During the meal, simply call out your waiter’s name ready for him to take your order. Once deprived of our main sense, our sight, we have to rely more on our other senses; our hearing, touch, smell and of course taste.

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