Heidi cornell still dating bill brandes

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Plan the master date with the woman he chooses..nasle What did Patti tell Richard that Heidi Cornell didn't need to do after he said that he only made six figures?

Go surfing and perform yoga..nasle What did Bill Brandes tell Patti he planned to do after his date with Heidi Cornell that caused Patti to criticize his ability to "close the deal"?

One thing is for sure; Millionaire Matchmaker continues next week with part two of the reunion!

The Millionaire Matchmaker : Heidi/Bill 03/19/09 PM , BRAVO Synopsis: Patti Stanger hires Destin's girlfriend Rache as an assistant; Chelsea tells Patti about her new client.

What did Heidi Cornell tell Bill Brandes that she wanted to do when she moved to California?

Start over after a divorce..nasle What did Patti tell Bill Brandes he was going to have to do that Heidi Cornell wouldn't as she explained how the "mini mixer" works?

Take an extended yacht trip..nasle What did Heidi Cornell say she decided to do at the age of thirty-nine after establishing a company?

Part one of the first ever (and probably last ever) Millionaire Matchmaker reunion aired last night, and not only did the beloved Andy Cohen put Patti in the hot seat, but he reunited some of Patti’s most memorable clients from the past five seasons.

Heated itself with heat from the ocean..nasle What did Bill Brandes say that he initially did that gave him the capital to do what he really loved later on?

Worked in orthopedic sales..nasle What did Heidi Cornell say, in her introduction video, that it was difficult to do in Los Angeles?

Shouldn’t Andy interrupt telling her this is the last season?

I guess not, maybe there is a future for Millionaire Matchmaker.

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