Gridview updatepanel not updating

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Children As Triggers is true, so children cause it to update.

sub Show Hide(sender as Object, e as Command Event Args) ... This works really nicely in that paging and sorting the grid does not cause a full postback of the page and they also do not cause new entries in the browser history. It works fine if I add new rows though, the display updates just fine! I am binding the grid manually, and yes, I am calling the databind method. This is because you have the Update Mode=' Conditional' on the Update Panel.This means it won't automatically update the contents.The outer gridview contains the basic data, the inner gridview is populated with the detail data, referencing the basic data ,(this data can be understood as differents parametersets) The inner Gridwiew is made visible after pressing a Command Button by adding some custom code in the Row Command Event of the outer gridview. Text; Grid View gw = new Grid View();gw = (Grid View)e. Here is the code: Object Data Source and Grid View to Grid View Hello, Have gridview (#1) with paging/sorting that is rendered via a ODS connected to a tableadapter reading a sproc in a Dataset (xsd) file. Need to, on user demand, grab a rendered page, however sorted, from #1 and place it on an empty gridview (#2) on another web page using, I would think, a session variable. Session variable is not null in #2 but it is empty upon Databind. Does anyone knows what should I do to solve this issue? the errors you're reporting are related with the ... The data in the outer gridview can be edited without problems. Grid View inside a Grid View I have a Grid View inside a Grid View.

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