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That, and both Iceland and Manitoba are full of understated creative genius that far too often goes unacknowledged in the bigger scheme of Europe or North America. When it’s this grey and cold for nine months out of the year, perhaps our time is generally spent flexing creative and productive muscles because if we didn’t, we’d probably go insane.

Whatever the reason, thank god for the creative buzz because it’s life affirming.

No game, no shame, and then suddenly there are babies. Despite brazenly downloading Tinder for the first time at Keflavík Airport and being assured “it’s a match” with a number of local guys, I didn’t have any wild sex this country, and prairie people, are known for.

Perhaps I must return to do more research…After 10 days though, the similarity that struck me most about these two entities is the intense level of cultural output.

“They obstruct the view.”Reading and driving My hosts in Gimli have given me a car and sent me off in search of a farmer’s market in Arnes.

The roads here are almost impossibly linear, like a mathematical equation, a Platonic ideal of a straight line.

“You can even read while driving,” a priest tells me and then proceeds to inform me that sometimes, on his way to mass, he does just that, going through his sermon while behind the wheel.

If you are going to drive while reading, you might as well be saying your prayers.

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So Iceland (and inevitably Airwaves) became something to look forward to, to put mental energy towards, and I did research with the loving attention one might spend cultivating a budding relationship. See, I’m one of those Western Icelanders whose great great grandparents got nervous about an erupting volcano back in the day and somehow managed to find themselves in Manitoba—the greatest Icelandic outpost on the Canadian prairies.

Perhaps, then, it isn’t so strange that my first impression while driving a rental car from the airport to the capital was that there was something vaguely familiar about it all.

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