Glossary of dating terms

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the most commonly used calendar system in the world today.

It is based on the older Julian calendar of the late Roman Empire but more accurately corresponds to the solar year of 365.2422 days. This is inaccurate by approximately 11 minutes a year.

This eliminates leap years periodically in order to keep the calendar more synchronized with the solar year.

The Gregorian calendar was named after Pope Gregory XIII who officially approved it in 1582 A.

The result is that the Julian calendar is out of by one day every 131 years.

The rate at which these changes occur depends on the local environment.D.remains of a plant or animal of a species that is known to have lived only during a specific time period.The discovery of such a fossil in an archaeological site is circumstantial evidence of the approximate time period that it was occupied.Calibrated relative methods could be considered to be somewhere between ordinary relative methods and radiometric methods in terms of their ability to produce dates that closely approximate the actual date of a sample.Amino acid racemization and paleomagnetic dating are generally considered to be either chronometric or calibrated relative methods.

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