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And when the personal possessions of another of the missing women are found underneath his front room floor, the team believe they have finally found their man.

However, the case takes an unexpected turn when one of the missing women is found to be alive, and living in Ireland – with the son of another of the missing women.

There are no resources available, but Sandra is authorised to hire retired detectives and turns to her mentor, Jack Halford, to help her assemble a team.

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DAC Donald Bevan puts her in charge of UCOS, a new unit focusing on unsolved cases.

Twenty years after his murder, the case of a ten-year-old child found dead on a golf course is re-opened.

The only suspect at the time, Ken Roger, committed suicide at the age of 17 after he was imprisoned during questioning over the killing.

Jack then decides to re-open the case, as her killer was never brought to justice.

Brian and Gerry suspect a medium who was involved in the original investigation, claiming he had information about the girl he discovered through the paranormal.

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