Garmin updating bluetooth firmware garmin nuvi

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Mine does it about once a week, and looses pairing with the cell phones in the process.

Quite annoying and it has been going on for the past 9 months since I got my Nuvi.

This worked once and did not bring the cell phone's contact list over.

It is just reupdating the last bluetooth firmware that is stored on the gps itself, it did not download anything from the satellites.I have a LG VX9900 that wasn't on the "approved" list buut worked much better before the BT upgrade. I have been using the 660 for about a year with no problems pairing with my old cell phone (only for inbound and outbound calls, no contact list). I have had problems pairing and when I did, the Garmin would disable the bluetooth on the Garmin within 5 - 15 seconds.Garmin sent me a new file for the bluetooth firmware.This seems to take a long time (60 seconds at least). Once the pre boot mode message disappears release the power button and your device will perform some activities to recover from the above problem.Apparently this sequence will only work with the above error.

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