Gametap no longer updating

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Watch the full Dev Days talk for specific examples and additional insights.When you release new content for your game, you have a few options for how you can provide that content to players.Below are some suggestions for best practices that we've seen work well for most cases: Before deploying your update, you'll probably want to make sure you test it yourself from a Steam build.There are a number different ways you can do this, so be sure to check out the Testing on Steam documentation.To do so, you'll need to switch your desired build to be the new 'default' build.If you created new depots in the process of adding this new content, make sure you add that new depot to all store and key packages. Once you're ready to release your update on Steam, you'll want to tell customers and provide a place for focused feedback.Updates are an important part of your product's life cycle and a critical form of communication with customers.

You probably want to be patching all the time to fix issues that players have brought up or that you’ve found while testing the game.To update your game or software build, simply follow the same instructions for creating your initial builds in Steam Pipe.Check out the Steam Pipe Documentation for details.This also demonstrates to customers that you are listening and working to address the issues that are being identified.Iterating and updating your product is essential, but your communication around the update can make a big difference.

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