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The muscles and ligaments holding the shoulder to the rib cage are firm and well developed.

Forelegs – When standing and viewed from the front, the legs are moderately spaced, parallel and straight, with the elbows close to the body and turned neither in nor out. The paws are medium in size, compact and well furred between the toes and pads. The paws neither turn in nor out when the dog is in natural stance.

The upper thighs are well muscled and powerful, the stifles well bent, the hock joint well-defined and set low to the ground.

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Faults – Ears too large in proportion to the head; too wide set; not strongly erect.

Neck medium in length, arched and carried proudly erect when dog is standing.

When standing and viewed from the rear, the hind legs are moderately spaced and parallel.In effect, its partisan position as a political advocate of the liberal Left, facilitated by its self-serving concept of 'due impartiality', has been cemented. The Corporation's defence of uncontrolled immigration and unmodified multiculturalism - and in tandem with this, the systematic re-writing of British history and values to accommodate its visceral hatred of Western values - remains bloody-mindedly resolute. Politicians (in the Conservative Party especially) should hang their heads in shame about this.Despite their parliamentary majority, they have allowed, in effect, the Corporation to continue to poison national debate, and to rubbish and undermine those with whom it disagrees.When moving at a trot, the neck is extended so that the head is carried slightly forward. Chest deep and strong, but not too broad, with the deepest point being just behind and level with the elbows.The ribs are well sprung from the spine but flattened on the sides to allow for freedom of action. The upper arm angles slightly backward from point of shoulder to elbow, and is never perpendicular to the ground.

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