First six months of dating

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She says this is not an emotion at all, rather, it’s“a motivation system, it’s a drive, it’s part of the reward system of the brain.”And because of this, our bodies have actually evolved three core brain systems. Lust, sometimes called sex drive or libido, is often the first of these three stages (they can occur in any order) and is characterized by a craving of sexual gratification where the hormones testosterone and estrogen are released.

It’s these hormones that cause the excited “lustful” feelings you may have.

The bottom line is so few people out there actually know their Non-Negotiables, so they make a lot of poor dating choices when it comes to choosing a quality mate, thus end up in a lot of short-term relationships.

The first time I ever saw a six second Vine Video on the Internet, I knew that our society was forever changed.

Things like, “I want him to treat me like a priority” or “I want him to be generous.”They are not traits like height, body type, or even financial status.

They are the most non-negotiable elements for the success of your relationship and if you don’t have them the relationship will NOT work.

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They stay in something “ok” for months and even years on end, preferring the safety of mediocrity to the angst of loneliness.Second, once they are in a relationship and things are not going so well, the need for instant gratification prompts them to quit the relationship.In both cases it keeps people from ever getting past those first few months of dating.At the same time I always instill in my clients that they must not settle for anything less than a quality partner.I have them refocus energy on being specific about the important things that lead to a long lasting relationship, for example a potential partner’s core values, making sure their deal-breakers are met, and paying attention to how this potential partner is treating them through the dating and relationship process.

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