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This means that she will more than likely be a dating failure, but will often use her children as the reason why men are not interested in her.This is the common crutch that Pearson’s thesis attempts to dispel.I get 1 a week on a good week.) So the women are literally filtering through hundreds of offers and picking the guys they want to respond to. Or maybe I’m not that “first impression” then buried in a full and filling inbox. Perhaps I’m seeking a relationship in an aggressive style that really doesn’t match who I am. And to be honest, I am enjoying this in-between-time quite a bit. And that’s not how I go about starting a relationship either. Either way, I rarely get even a “Hey” back from my “Hi, I’d love to start a conversation,” emails. Perhaps I need new profile images that show my newly clean-shaven face? I wonder, if I’m that guy to the women I’m reaching out to?I’m trying to seek within my own age range, plus or minus 5 years. And I think I’m being realistic with who I am contacting. From my conversations with some of the women I’ve gone on first dates with, I understand that the online dating world for women is very different.

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Pearson went on to say that although women said they wanted to be in a relationship, they really didn’t really want or need to be in one as they were already getting their needs met. Online dating is supposed to offer up so many possibilities for us to find each other. Yes, my profile is still active, but I rarely go to either site and here’s why. Here’s my recent experience (say 30 days) of seeking a relationship on and OK Cupid.It is that situation that the single mother is looking to avoid, whether she consciously admits to it or not.made the specific point that mothers in the US (statistically regardless of whether they had been previously married or not) who had school-age children were not really able to date very successfully because they were commonly emotionally unavailable.

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