Enlightened dating for men

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Another enlightened me on his intentions in my own language: “Oh…I never thought that I would use this, but ‘Voulez-vous coucher avec moi?’”—which is actually the sentence I’ve heard the most since I moved to the US.

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Almost instantly after hitting Create, I was thrown into the Bay Area dating jungle. Once my identity as a French woman revealed itself in conversation, I experienced the most stereotypical exchanges of my life.If it was torture for me, but my date seemed to enjoy it.“Mmmmh, this accent…,” he said in a voice that can only be described as pervy.In France, if you do try out a dating website or app, it’s not something you brag about to friends or share with your relatives.It’s definitely not the accepted norm in the way that it is here — just one of the many differences I’ve noticed between French and American people’s dating lives.

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