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Have a cup of milky tea not long before bed and once in bed read with a torch like light that only illuminates the ereader.First time in my life I can actually sleep like a normal person.If it gets really bad I take promethazine (phenargen), however it takes ages to kick in so I have to take it at around 6pm (for 10pm sleep) and then it won't wear off until around 9am the next day which is pretty lousy. Tried them all – none work (even the controversial ones, like stilnox). I was on it when my insomnia first started and after a week, I found I needed 2 just to get to sleep. Like my mind wandering or imaginine without me really realising it. If you rather than prescription drugs over even bothering to research this Mulungu, all I can say is I tried to help. Australia has some of the highest import restrictions on medication/herbs etc globally.I had the same problem, once asleep was fine, but getting to sleep was the problem. Do yourself the favour and at least do some googling on the stuff and then decide. That is why Kava is available in the USA but not here.

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It has never failed me as long as I have been physically tired and up for long enough.

I have the odd night where it takes awhile to fall asleep and I wake a few times in the night but by god that's nothing compared to what used to be hours awake in bed EVERY night of my life. p.s Convince yourself that even though you are awake, you are still getting rest and rejuvenation by laying in bed, you need to not focus on not sleeping as a bad thing.

Xanax is good for sleeping but really only short term band-aid similar to valium.

yeah that describes me – just the odd night or so and it works. The best thing i found was keeping more active during the day would leave me far more able to get to sleep quicker and what not. A good glass of red wine usually puts me into the land of nod, sometimes involutarily.

I drink lots of tea, at least 6 cups of coffee a day, one bar [ minimum ] chocolate daily and 20 cigarettes and i regard eating as one of life's great pleasures. Anti-histamine just to be more specific for anyone wondering. I have never not felt when the melatonin has kicked in.

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