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When I was younger I wanted to grow up to be an astronaut.

Which point in your manifesto are you most passionate about?

What is your favourite night out in Exeter and why? The Drama students [Joel studies Drama] take over the podium and it’s great fun. How would you rate your looks on a scale of 1 to 10?

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Gag Level 1 (example: Squirting Flower) Use on Level 1 and higher Cogs Gag Level 2 (example: Glass of Water) Use on Level 2 and higher Cogs Gag Level 3 (example: Squirt Gun) Use on Level 3 and higher Cogs Gag Level 4 (example: Seltzer Bottle) Use on Level 4 and higher Cogs Gag Level 5 (example: Fire Hose) Use on Level 5 and higher Cogs Gag Level 6 (example: Storm Cloud) Use on Level 6 and higher Cogs Gag Level 7 (example: Geyser) Use on Level 7 and higher Cogs.SKILL POINTSAs you advance in the game by completing Toon Tasks and increasing your gag skills in battles, you'll earn new and increasingly powerful the whole cream pie.You start Toontown with the Squirting Flower and Cupcake gags -- the first gags in the Squirt and Throw tracks.i think they should put in another set of gags.after the toontanic.This resource contains all evergreen stories posted to Hacker News through November 7th, 2014.Up to that time, 1,544,661 stories were submitted to Hacker News. Conceptually, an evergreen story is a story that provides value to readers well after its publication date.

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