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It is important to know if moonquakes occur periodically,” Kumar said.

If recurring moonquakes exist, they could be signs of faults slipping in the Moon’s crust.

On the airless Moon they slam directly into the surface.

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This paper discusses the ages of the Quaternary glaciations, based on the exposure dating of roche moutonnée, moraines and glacial erosion surfaces using Be.

“Since the boulder trail markings are very small, they are removed within tens of million years.” As for the scarps also found in the Lorentz crater basin, these are likely created by multiple moonquakes over time, Kumar said.

Working out the ages of the scarps is more difficult than the boulder trails and will require additional work, he said.

In addition to the many clear boulder trails, the team found faded trails, suggesting there is a history of moonquakes in the Lorentz crater area.

They even found many boulders that looked as if they had fallen in the same way, but their trails had been erased over time.

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