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Many relationships that began at my Christian college ended in divorce.We need to stop believing that this is God’s plan for every person, and we need to speak to the dangers of giving ourselves emotionally and physically at the wrong time.In our desire to defend traditional marriage, the church has overemphasized marriage.The description of the value of number three speaks of the importance of mediating between opposing views.

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This is also for those in our congregations who are widowed, divorced, or single and who feel their status is as an anomaly which needs to be corrected.

However, the church’s overemphasis on marriage neglects an important biblical message–marriage is not for everyone.

It should not be sought as a necessary event of the Christian life.

Any person who has ever been romantically involved knows the intensity of emotion which accompanies this relationship, both good and bad. It’s important to let Scripture interpret Scripture.

There are plenty of other passages, including Paul’s own words, which describe the beauty of marriage and its purpose going all the way back to creation.

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