Dating traditions russia

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In ancient Russia the bride-to-be had to put on the shawl on her head as a symbol of the juvenility, but now she puts on a veil and all her unmarried friends do the same.Another tradition which is still kept is the Before the wedding a groom is supposed to come to the house where his wife-to-be lives and take her out of there to the registry office.Back in the day, the principal element of the wedding was the parents of the groom had to find out if the bride is a fit for their son, if she is good-looking and what her trousseau Sometimes parents even hired special people who could find a suitable bride for their son.Then there was a ritual called It is always up to the bride and groom how to organize it, but usually the last day of single life is celebrated in bars and clubs.If any of rituals wasn’t abided the marriage was considered as an unsuccessful union.Nowadays in Russia we have got more European way of getting married, but there are a lot of newlyweds who still follow old traditions, although it has become whimsical, sort of.Each year of living together has its own name, for example if you have been married for 1 year – it is The Calico Wedding anniversary, 3 years – The Leather Wedding, 10 years – The Tin Wedding etc.The most significant anniversaries are 20 years together – The Porcelain Wedding, 40 years – The Ruby Wedding and 50 years – The Golden Wedding.

The tradition that everyone should love their own home and protect their family is instilled into Russians since the early childhood.The one of newlyweds who bites off the bigger piece of the cake is going to be the head of the family.But now the parents usually meet the young couple at the entrance to the restaurant where the wedding is celebrated.According to the latest statistics, the marriages between Russians of the same age are much less common.In the majority of Russian families, the husband is 4-6 years older than his wife but the age difference of more than 10 years is still acceptable by most Russians (for example, the lead singer of the popular Russian band Mumiy Troll is sixteen years older than his young wife).

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