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Swede Henrik Georgsson will direct the first four episodes, while Dane Rumle Hammerich will direct the final four.The international premiere will follow at a later date which is currently not known.Shooting for series four started last November, which unlike the previous seasons, will mostly be based in Denmark rather than between Copenhagen and Malmö, Sweden.And we now know the date when Swedish viewers will first get to lay eyes on the final chapter in Saga Norén's story: January 1st, 2018.And it means that Booth, who has had roles in Todd Solondz’s Dark Horse and the upcoming Aidan Quinn military-­loyalty thriller Recalled, is finding his breakout role playing a version of the director’s ex-boyfriend in a movie, based in large part on a relationship first described by his real-life counterpart, which will likely be the subject of gossipy scrutiny by a small audience of very engaged (and local) viewers, many of whom already know, or feel they know, both halves of the actual couple.

There he finds Paul: pretty, delicately glum, and evasive, who, once they meet and have sex, informs him that he has a girlfriend — so “don’t get your hopes up.” He probably shouldn’t have, especially given that on one of their early dates Paul, who is played by Zachary Booth (best known as Glenn Close’s feckless, Waspily furious teen son on Damages) lets him in on his ­little secret: He loves to smoke crack, apparently to unwind and feel a bit friskier.” At 29, Booth came of age post–550 numbers, and is quick to show me a picture on his i Phone of him trussed up in a red dress, looking very much like Close in Dangerous Liaisons (he was in costume for Molière’s The Imaginary ­Invalid, which he did this summer at Bard).We’ve met for lunch at Otto, the Italian restaurant on the ground floor of One Fifth Avenue, which is where Sachs lives, in the same apartment where he filmed Paul and Erik’s life together (In Portrait, it’s like a third ­character in their relation­ship).“Honestly, it didn’t take much to figure out who Ira was and who his ex was,” says Booth, who got the script from his agent and put the pieces together easily on Google.“I look like this guy, and I feel like I can represent him,” he realized.

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