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Nostradamus was interred standing upright in the Church of the Cordeliers of Salon.However, his story does not end there; he was disinterred twice, once on purpose and once maliciously.What's more, some people believe Nostradamus' writings tell only part of the story and that Nostradamus was behind a book of prophetic drawings as well.These drawings -- contained in a version of a book called the "Vaticinia de Summis Pontificibus" -- depict burning towers, terrible wars and all manner of celestial strife that, according to some, tie directly into purported Mayan predictions about 2012.But despite their claims, the drawings in the Vaticinia actually date back more than a hundred years before Nostradamus was born [source: Lemesurier]. The confusion stems from a version of the book discovered by Italian journalist Enza Massa that cites Nostradamus as the author, despite the fact that we have no evidence Nostradamus could paint or draw.With his quatrains rife with ambiguity and his supposed "lost book" being someone else's work entirely, we aren't left with anything suggesting Nostradamus considered the year 2012 to be significant in any way.In examining what Nostradamus had to say about the year 2012, it helps to understand why some people think 2012 could be a significant or even disastrous year in the first place. We know that Nostradamus never emphasized the number 2012 in any of his writings, so we're left to comb through quatrains looking for evidence of comets, mass destruction and, perhaps, the end of the world.

If so, the phrase "change your fortune" is a wee understatement.

Five hundred years ago, Nostradamus prophesied that World War III would occur on July 4th of 1999, the feast of the "eagle" or USA, with Russia and Iran launching nuclear and chemical assaults upon Western and Southern Europe.

And China shall attack Russia and Asia around 2025 AD. This World War shall last about thirty years and one-thirds to two-thirds of mankind shall perish.

So on that matter, at least, Nostradamus and the scientific community are on the same page.

If Nostradamus wasn't the source of all of the 2012 doomsday predictions, surely the Mayans had something to say about the matter, right? While it's true that their Mayan Long Count calendar ends in December of that year, nothing indicates the Mayans thought the world would end along with it.

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