Dating multiple guys

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It's one of those things that gets brought up if you're thinking about being even remotely exclusive.I'm a 25F looking for a monogamous relationship.If you suspect she is dating others, then hint without saying it that you are too, even if you are not. You will notice she will work harder to please you.

Sometime women will tell you they are dating someone else too in order to gauge your "freak out" level.

In the rare instances, you have failed to convince her you are the one.

In all my positive experiences with women, they are infatuated from the get go.

Plus I think that explains her "on a pedestal" attitude expecting me to pay for dinner (which I straight up told the server we are splitting it), LOL at all the other dudes she sees in a week that pay for all of her chit Whatever dude.

This is one of those chicks where you don't go on dates that cost money.

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