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Do we walk around topless showing off our beer bellies? Unless you have a defined six-pack, do us all a favour and cover yourself up!It’s best to just pick a few areas which you can offer a bit more depth on rather than roll off a huge list of everything you have ever enjoyed from comic books to wake Boarding.Below is an example of an ideal profile with a great balance of all of the desired traits.I have purposely made it fairly long to give you an idea of how to effectively use language and humor to tease yourself in a date-friendly manner.You feel like the whole world is dating and laughing and having sex and you’re just at home and probably the most unattractive dude in history!So, what is it about some guys who have the formula nailed. No, it most certainly isn’t as the photo guide in part 1 of this blog demonstrates.

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I regularly see clients who have optimistically compiled their very best photos carefully written a profile and … They are getting zero real success’ and are baffled and frustrated at getting low quality or any matches on tinder whatsoever.

Hopefully, this length will also mean more areas will resonate with more readers.

Furthermore, I have made notes on the key structure to be followed.

Fed up with sending out hundreds of hopeful messages on Eharmony or and being met with minimal response.

Constant online knockbacks are demoralising for anyone and make the whole modern digital dating scene an extremely perplexing place.

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