Dating fear of rejection quotes for dating

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Of course, this may not be true at all (again, for any number of reasons) but here’s the point: You didn’t get hurt or damaged in any way. In reality, most women will actually be flattered that you made the attempt.

But don’t take my word for it…get a handle on this by going out there and proving it to yourself.

———– Acclaimed “Double Your Dating” author David De Angelo has cracked the “secret code” as to why some men are so effortlessly successful with women…while so many are too “scared” and “nervous” to even try!

To eliminate your fear of rejection for good, you must replace that false evidence with the facts about what really happens when a confident, in-control man approaches a great woman…and then do everything you can to become that kind of man.Sure, on a bad day (for any number of reasons) a woman may act coldly towards you, or totally ignore you when you approach her.But in my experience helping literally thousands of men overcome their debilitating fears of rejection, here’s what happens 99% of the time: A woman politely explains that she’s already with someone, then thanks you for asking.It’s not the end of the world if you don’t, there’ll be another one along in a minute. IF SHE’S HOT, SHE ALREADY KNOWS While it’s always tempting to gush when faced with a beautiful woman, just imagine the lines and lines of men before you that have done exactly that.She’s heard it all, about her legs and her eyes and her hair…

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