Dating etiquette in spain

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If in doubt, simply follow the lead of your business host.

Women should wear well-cut suits or dresses made of high-quality fabrics.

Corporate gifts or books about your country are also welcome gifts, and a bottle of whisky or brandy would also make a useful alternative gift, if you have nothing else to offer.

As Spanish people are generally brand and quality conscious, it is advisable to offer only high-quality items, preferably of a reputable brand. If you are invited to a Spanish home, you should take presents for the family members and suitable gifts may include a box of chocolates, sweets, souvenirs or flowers.

Initiatives undertaken by the European Union, international organizations, associations, non-governmental organisations and the media are actively promoting CSR in Spain, although the degree of implementation is still moderate.

The main priorities for Spain are: transparency and communication, social cohesion, diversity management, support for a productive economy, socially responsible investment, and integration of CSR into the education system.

Nevertheless, only 12% of companies require social or environmental audits from their suppliers to verify their activities.

Spain, business people do not usually give gifts to each other.

For men, dark woollen or linen suits and silk ties with white cotton shirts are recommended.

As Spanish weather can be very hot, it is usually acceptable to wear lightweight suits, to loosen one’s tie and throw one’s jacket over one’s shoulder.

In particular, it will deal with areas of Spanish culture that may influence the success of business negotiations.

Generally, the Spanish are a very open and communicative people; they value highly their families, personal relationships and cultural traditions.

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