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Why does Tracy Morgan look like he weighs about 115.

Tamia and her family's new addition is all up in the new People magazine. [quote comment="2142"]Can we have LESS news about Beyonce and more news on Mariah, Riahnna and Alica PLLLLLLLLLLLLESE! [/quote] Like SERIOUSLY, Why does ybf revolve around Bey? better yet, become a photographer or publicist and have one of your celeb favs do something, stand somewhere and take a pic, sing a song, do SOMETHING. Trying to act like a damn stylist when your man running round dressed like Liberace. Bey is looking real plain like we all do on the regular. Michelle Obama & Coco Gauf's Meeting Is #Black Girl Magic Personified» SHE TRIED IT! at all types of events Dawn looks so much better with dark hair I'm feeling Teyana's style too, since Sweet 16... Rihanna & Her Dad Share The Love At Crop Over Despite The Fact She's Suing Him» Russell Simmons Condemns Donald Trump's Post-Mass Shooting Speech & Reveals He Introduced Him To His Black Girlfriend» Go Off Coco!They tell their candidates, "Actually, boss, we can't really win on the issues, so we'd better come up with something else." Well, after the past six weeks, we all know what that something else is. That is, make the election about the other guy's character.The premise that 1.) Democrats have a clear advantage on "issues, and 2.)The Kerry Campaign has actually RUN on issues are each laughable.

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