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The Museum and Library constitute the most extensive collection of Hispanic art and literature outside of Spain and Latin America.

Archer Huntington’s fascination with Spanish culture started at the age of twelve; by fourteen he had begun to study the Spanish language; and by nineteen he revealed his aspiration to found a “Spanish Museum.” As Huntington’s enthusiasm grew he became increasingly committed to the creation of an institution that would encompass all facets of Hispanic culture.

The Public Health Foundation's Learning Resource Center is offering a Choose Respect Campaign Collection to strengthen the knowledge of your adolescent community and stimulate active conversation around healthy, respectful relationships.

Few artists, after all, will ever be able to boast of half a century of regular hitmaking.

And fewer still will remain so listenable (almost) throughout.

Despite a very attractive budget price, The Singles Collection offers far more Cliff Richard, and far less information, than the casual listener is ever likely to need.

The booklet is bare-bones chart fax 'n' figures, and the packaging is as minimal as a picture-sleeve 45. This is a collection for the genuine specialist, someone who cares as much for the double A-sides and flipped B-sides that litter Richard's U. discography as for the export releases and withdrawn oddities, and wants them all wrapped up in one tidy collection.

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