Dating an oil rig worker

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Lots of inconsistency so was aware early in things weren't right. The gentleman tried several tjmes, several ways to get me to send him money, 1st tried the the plane ticket, i was to pay for him to come here and see me, next was the itunes card because his internet was about to expire, next was to receive a packsge with 6.3 million dollars but i had to send the other people money, Same thing. If I was lonely and not suspicious, I may have been duped. As for Robert Marcus from Chicago if your his wife could you please keep him home so he will leave women alone what kind of person are you letting this go on if you have kids for real says two daughters shame on you would you want this to happen to your family I won't be happy til he's arrested and you should be locked up with him The story never changed for Robert Marcus just always had a new problem was arrested to hen stuck in China some of these stories aren't even believable no one would leave there kids somewhere get stuck somewhere working with no means to get home they should be proud look what your teaching your kids if you even have any and if I'm the wife wouldn't want scum like you get smart ladies were the ones being taken advantage of I would never want anyone on the internet most ugly or criminals Hopefully if there's a decrease in money being sent women are wiseing up we need to stop these guys it takes all of us to do it dont let them ruin your lives I would very so ashamed if I had a son out there doing that I raised my son right he doesn't steal I have trust issues now so I'm not talk talking to anyone I will delete them all Hi, all.Sends erotic emails that are so obviously predicted, full on with compliments, wanting serious relationship, do not be taken in ladies Gave story about living in Austria, wife and child killed in accident. So, I went to Twitter a few weeks ago and found out that this "Dennis Marguilles" is still on it and still using the real estate agent's name and picture.

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widower, from Germany- with a son Clinton in boarding school. Contract awarded to him and his crew by Exxon Mobil.

I have always been wondering if the pictures he sent are actually the same person that I am communicating with through Skype.

That was bold of him to do video Skype with me and that is why I somehow thought he was for real.

It's mind-blowing to me how vulnerable we all are, even so. Just saw a piece on CBSN 24/7 News about a massive Nigerian ring that has infiltrated businesses and romance sites, etc. I was stupid and sent him a 1000.00After I did it I new it was wrong. I got in touch with the real person whose pictures were stolen, and I told him about what happened.

The FBI just thwarted million in theft via cyber scamming schemes, many arrests in Los Angeles. I kept getting more and more emails from this shipper saying that they were going to confiscate his money. He sent me some flowers, that was a joke when I got them. After I told him I was not going to send him money, he got very nasty. When I found out he was Russian I got a little scared. I wonder how I can find out who this person really is. He claimed he was 50 years old, he has a 14 year old daughter named Jessica, his parents were dead and he is from Hong Kong but lives in Florida. He said that he needed a new gas cylinder and then told me that the whole machine was broken and needed money to pay the company to supply the machine for him.

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