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We had grown solidly in synch on the swim, bike and run front; it was the rest of our connection that waned.There are, for sure, triathletes that fit the bill of balance -- folks who value fitness, but who are not so singularly swept up as to sign off from other sorts of fun.These difficulties are multiplied by 3 in the case of triathlon, but sometimes it’s also positive to see things from a wider view and think about the bright side of having a triathlete in your family: However, if you decide that triahtlon is not for you, the emergency bracelets Safesport ID will accompany you and your partner to all your trainings and competitions, facilitating the work of the first responders in case of an accident. Ultramarathoner, adventure racer and endurance sports journalist Adam Chase goes head-to-head with Triathlete editor-at-large Holly Bennett as to the risks and rewards of dating in and out of the sport. And it amused me to see the consternation on the faces of my athlete friends as they struggled with the changes.Here are eight tips you should be prepared for when you’re dating a triathlete – and how to make it work. Related: Why you should never date a triathlete 4) Accept our hygiene choices. And yes, we do shave our legs – “#Aero Is Everything.” However, we will try our best. It’s a place where they’ll find out if they beat their personal best on a segment or even better, snagged that KOM.This is one area of our lives that’s not likely to change – hygiene. Related: 6 hacks to take down your local KOM on Strava 8) We secretly – or not so secretly – want you to come out on a few training sessions. Despite all the quirks and commitment it takes to become a triathlete, in the perfect world you’d warm up to it enough to take it up as well.

This, coming from the girl whose first trip to the Ironman World Championship was on my honeymoon, two weeks tacked on at the end of my husband's race.

He'd go months at a time without so much as breaking a sweat.

When we had an actual argument about how to ideally spend a Sunday morning (his choice was to sleep until 10, then lounge over eggs benedict and mimosas; I preferred to be finishing my 12-mile run by the time he even stirred) I knew we had to break up.

I dated a climber who taught me to use my legs and I just wished she shaved hers.

A romance with a Nordic skier left me with a lower resting heart rate and knowing to wear my beanie low with the sunglasses on the outside.

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