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My narcissist asked me, “Why are you so excited you sold a book?You’ll never write anything of real importance.” 3. Anyone who has ever been in a fight with a narcissist knows how utterly frustrating it is to go in circles around a topic that has a clear truth.

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But if someone starts saying things that feel amazing but are too good to be true, take off those rose-colored glasses and run. When someone “rejects” and treats you poorly for no reason, it’s important to remember that you gave them no reason. When they set their sights on you, they quickly assess what turns you on and off, and morph into that person.They’re so fantastic and superior that you’ll betray yourself for them. So good, in fact, that many partners start to believe they’re “making a bigger deal” of something than is necessary.This could be their lying and flirting with the waitress, or being excited about a promotion or book deal.Someone who loves you cares about your peace of mind, your feelings, needs, and wants what’s best for you.As the cycle runs its course on repeat, the lows become so intolerable that a good day feels “amazing,” because you’re just so incredibly thrilled not to be devalued, rejected or put down. Most narcissists attach themselves to very loving, kind and vulnerable people.

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