Dating 4 disabled user

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I can cook, clean, bathe and clothe myself and have lived in my own apartment for four years. It's like they immediately assume I'm a burden and think they would have to become a caretaker. I know several people who have dated wheelchair users. Are you yourself interested in women who have physical disabilities?

My guess is that they would be more open to the idea since they would understand your situation better than most typical women.

Meld je aan op Disabled Mate en vind je zielsverwant.

Een handicap betekent nog niet dat je geen rijk liefdesleven kunt hebben.

But sometimes speaking about your dream life and all of your goals is what attracts people.

I tend to like dating sites that allow for more writing, than just photos.

Pictures-only becomes a beauty contest, whereas in writing, you can see if a person is intelligent and how thoughtful they are.

I really think it has to do with my being disabled.De romantiek is nu dichterbij dan ooit dus geef onze site een kans! Mensen zien alleen de foto's die je als openbaar instelt.Stel je foto's in als "Privé" zodat alleen je vrienden (leden die je hebt gekozen) deze kunnen zien.Learn more, including about controls: Cookie Policy.I'm a wheelchair user and I consider myself fairly good looking. But no matter how many times I put myself out there, or message a girl I'm interested in, I get zero responses.

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