Christian dating dallas texas

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I am a refined lady with a healthy, sharp Even though I come from a small city but I have a wide outlook towards life!!I like watching discovery channels, reading books, explore something new with my son!!If you live in Dallas, you probably enjoy the warm summer nights filled with activity.The landscape in Texas ranges from swamps to deserts, changing as you move from east to west.People who were born and raised in Texas are proud to be Texan–and with great reason!They have all the warmth and friendliness of southern hospitality, along with the strength and pride that comes from shared history.Even though many people still picture the desert when thinking about Texas, the site is so large that barely a tenth of the state is actually that sandy and dry.It’s in the South, but with strong tastes from the Southwest, too. When Europeans first arrived, Spain quickly laid claim to the area.

There are many company industries based in Texas, spanning from farming to rocket science.The entirety of the United States is spoken of as a melting pot, but Texas really takes the cake in terms of mixing of cultures.Having changes hands so many times since its birth, Texas has a healthy blend of many different cultures.We need to understand that we all are different but when two people meet with some feelings or goals they know that it is probably love I need a happy man, positive, interesting I am Retired Military Officer and International Businessman.I spend much time outdoors, then reading, and Computer work.

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