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The pin out is provided by Image FX but most Amiga specialist retailers such as Power Computing and First Computers will provide the cable and even the scan software either bundled with the scanner or as an extra.

• •• G7-5000 sca IP Octal CD dri G L• Web design • Epson 5500 F printer o XL 1 . Turn your CD-32 into a Al200 1199.95 C H IP S & S P A R E S 256 x 32 SIMM 72-PIN (1MB) . Mega d o e s a b y using its own 2MB RAM arid also now r Includes a 2M13 Fat Agnus. If you consider our cover images are around 3000 by 4000 pixels, give or take a few hundred either way, the only way you can get an image from the real world of this quality is by using a scanner. A flat bed is, obviously, always going to produce better results than a hand scanner because a hand scan is fairly reliant on how steadily you can draw the scanner over the picture.

7 6 M B VIDEO BACKUP 3 SUPER X L D R I V E The Supe 3 5MB on a O store d e 3.5 SUPER XL D M • 1129.95 1 .7 6 X L D R I V E IN T. 9 5 t AI N y TER N A L D R I V E S d 4 130.95 PC881 A500) i0 135.95 PC882 A2000 s 0 35.95 k PC883 A600112 0 . 9 5 S C A N D O U B IE R 11 t o o : o w Scan Doubler II is a full 2 4 fixer which automatically de-interlaces all AGA bi t screen A G modes and scan doubles noninterlaced PAL/NTSC modes to allow VGA monitors A fl to i display c k ethem r SCAN DOUBLER II E 3 9 9 phone o r d e r s Bacl I ME r Version 3 has new backup modes for l i Amiga's e r t o with a 68020 or higher CPU a VIDEO BACKUP SCART f 4 9 . 9 5 ' V BACKUP H UPGRADE 1 0 VERSION 3 E 2 0 S t a p PY e FLOP . EXPANDER Save 1 5MB on a standard fl oppy drive and 3MB w hen used i n conj uncti on with the XI Drive 1.76. 1 4 0 512 X 32 SIMM 72-PIN (2MB) • • • 1 7 5 1x 8 45 X1 8 SIMM 32•PIN (4MB) L P O A 1 MXM4 STATIC COLUMN A3000 • L 2 5 1 £ 2 5 3 X24 DIP 256 X 4 DIP E 5 i x I DIP E 5 P CIA, . A scan tray can help out but you will never get the precision that the mechanism in the scanner can produce. One comes with a SCSI interface and the other is the parallel port version.

E12 N GARY 1 1 9 ( PAULA E 1 9 1 DENISE E 1 9 M SUPER DENISE £ 2 5 1 E 1 2 1KEYBOARD IC 1 1 9 )FAT AGNUS 1MB FAT AGNUS 2 MB E 2 9 E PRINTER CABLE £ 6 P R5232 CABLE £ 6 O SCSI EXTERNAL £ 1 5 A WORKBENCH 3.1 A50012000 . 9 5 WORKBENCH 3.1 A300014000 1 9 5 ROM SHARE DEVICE 1 1 9 2.04 ROM CHIP 1 2 5 FOR AN Y SPARES REQUIRED PLEASE CALL PR IN TER S/MON ITOR S mic Rovrr Ec 1438 14" . Power eximputeva Lid and specify whichdelivery is required. lel LL , 0 (J E t- 2 Zl c cl i1 ,-7ca—: Gil0 \ i -8 caw g R A A ct O l4 J Actual scan area is 297 mm by 216 mrn so will comfortably accommodate A4 sized paper, which just happens to be the size of Amiga Computing now.

9 5 te chnics( support Help is on hand with a full Technical Backup ser- We accept mostmellow credit cards and are happy to help you with any queries. posta l o rd e rs Ordering by cheque/PO please make payable to ma il-orde r p r ice s All prices listed are for the month of publication only, call to confirm prices before ordering.

On that all-important subject of resolution, this Epson is the low-end model of the GTrange but still has an impressive specification.

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D R IVES SYQUEST EZ The X I : i r e a r 1.76M8 ,.1,76a XL DRIVE EXTERNAL , f 6 9 . E HARD 7 5 3.5 IDE L DRIVES P P O 3 5 SCSI E O 120MB 2_5 IDE 1 8 9 . 9 5 A L L D IS K E X P A N D E R ( WITH HO PURCHASE) E 1 5 R A PID F I R E S C S I Rapid Fi r e SCSI-II c ontr ol l e r car d. 9 5 EPSON SCAN ZIP DRIVE REQUIRES SQUIRREL SCSI i NTEq FACE SYs UEST EZ 1 3 5 The Syquest EZ135 dr i ve is a n i deal storage device. 5 c a r t r i d g e a nd ha s a s e e k t i m e o f 1 3 . Comes c om pl e te w i t h o n e 1 3 5 MB cartridge (A SCSI interface is required) POWERSCAN SYQUEST EZ135MEI 135MB CARTRIDGE £ 2 3 9 . 110 FLOPPY EXPANDER PH A SE 5 CYBER VISION 64 2MB 1 2 9 9 . Unfortunately, Amiga users cannot take advantage of the SCSI version at the moment as there is simply no software that supports it.

9 5 yh oi u XL DRIVE t o INTERNAL E 7 5 1.76 sg ht o r e 1.76 XI a• . 340MB 2_5 IDE £ 1 6 9 510MB 2.5 IDE £ 2 8 9 850MB 2 5 IDE E 4 3 9 1GIGABYTE 2.5 IDE fi C A A 9 5 . Install up t o 8MB on•boar d F o r the A2000, A3000 and A4000 DKB RAPID FIRE SCSI-II 1 1 3 9 . The SCSI version is going to be superior to the parallel port version because data will be transmitted faster from the scanner, even though the overall quality of the scan will not be affected.

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