Can internet dating be dangerous

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If it is not the person that you are speaking to then you know you’re dealing with a fraud.

Finally, the ultimate way to ensure the person you are talking to is actually who they say they are, is to push for a webcam conversation.

Face time with i Phones is an easy way to do this as well.

If the person continuously makes excuses for why they can’t have such a conversation, then you are most likely dealing with a phony.

As soon as you meet someone online and things are starting to get more serious, it may be a good idea to run a background check.

This type of check will not only confirm that the person actually exists, but it can also give you information on anything that could potentially be a concern.

While it is not suggested to use this tactic at the beginning of a relationship as many people are uncomfortable with this or may not have a camera.

Catfishing became a popular term after it was used as the title for the 2010 documentary Catfish.The success of this movie led to an MTV series that focused specifically on different catfishing cases around the country.This series exposed how rampant catfishing was and raised the awareness of catfishing tremendously.These issues that are caused by catfishing are so dangerous because of the damage they can cause.The damage can often be magnified by the fragile state that a person is usually in because of the trust and love they feel for the person they think they are corresponding with.

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