C problems and solutions validating

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Whether it is worth, investing time, money and effort?

This is the question that haunts many entrepreneurs and demotivates them from working on their business Idea.

People had to wave their hand until they can hail a taxi in snow, rain, wind and even after boarding the taxi they had to negotiate with driver for change and tip.

The overall experience of Taxi hailing was frustrating.

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The behaviour shown here is just for the sake of explanation. The activities that we perform or events that take place in our life, forms the X axis, while their result forms the Y axis. At the first event, we can see that the person experienced the unexpected (positive deviation from Ideal State), while at the 3rd event we can see that he experienced some type of problem (negative deviation from Ideal State).

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Do you have a million-dollar business Idea in mind and don’t know HOW to proceed?Kindly have a look at the graph below to have a better understanding of what I am trying to convey here.I am assuming the behaviour of both the states to be linear to make things simpler.The first step is to figure out the problem that it is trying to solve. The State defines our condition, status, experience, and standing.There are many ways in which one can look at the problem. To explain it, I will be viewing our life proceedings from a process point of view. Every activity we do is part of it and helps shape it. One is the state which we are experiencing currently. The other state is the one which we expect/prefer to experience, will name it as Ideal State (Standard).

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