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By that point I couldn't even be mad at the community any more.More than anything I was just disappointed that I had wasted so much time in it, and that the guys who were supposed to be doing the most to help men get better with women were often doing the exact opposite.If that is how little I felt about these women, I don't know what were they feeling.Recently I got a male friend of mine a date with this waitress. In this case, she just normally came to collect our drinks order, and asked my friend what he would like to drink, made a couple of suggestions and that's it. When he asked me, I tried to give him reasons and his response was like that is just what every waitress does.Yesterday, I fucked this girl who I met at a dance workshop.Honestly, in this case I am not even sure what gave me the feeling that she likes me. Maybe she was standing a little closer than most girls would, but hey, this was Argentine tango where we dance chest to chest, so that can't be it.But seriously man, all this is such a far cry from my PUA days where I was blindly hitting on women.

My escalation intuition is still not so good yet, but I have a strong feeling that will get really good too.Eventually I picked up Minimal Game, and it was the first pickup book I read that actually mirrored my real life experience.When I thought about the guys I knew personally who were the most successful with women, they all did certain things that are glossed over in traditional pickup material.The things they had in common were that they were all good-looking (though not necessarily traditionally so - the less attractive guys got by by dressing well and focusing on a niche, something you address specifically in your book), they all approached a large number of women, and they were all extremely sexually aggressive -- just as you had stated in your book.I still wasn't able to figure out how to put it all into practice for myself until I ran across your guest post by Anthony Myers.

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