Boundaries in dating table of contents

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*** In order to be happy in your future relationship, you should never hide your true identity, interests and lifestyle while dating.If you grew up with a controlling dad, you may idolize him and therefore you look for an equally controlling man, or you may hate him and therefore you look for a passive, compliant man.It is your inability to set limits on his control that is the problem.Sometimes, in order to attract the guy you date, you pretend to be someone you´re not.That also means don´t give him babies if he can´t marry you.Don´t play house with him—cook his dinner, wash his laundry, clean his house and share his bed—if he can´t give you his name, much more the benefits of a wife.

A good example is the case of my husband´s female best friend.

This is a form of dating based on past hurts instead of desirable values.

If you notice a pattern in the kind of men you date or in the series of failed relationships you had, examine yourself, do past hurts influence the kind of people you attract?

That´s why I never recommend kissing dating goodbye even if you may experience pain through the process. If you´re attracted to someone and if that person isn´t feeling the same way for you, you may feel rejected and thus, get hurt.

However, there´s a difference between hurt which you can easily recover and feeling the kind of hurt which is the result of abuse as you lose yourself in the dating experience.

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