Bob jones university interracial dating policy

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( "The former policies of Bob Jones University on interracial dating are indebted to the founder's view that the Bible forbids interracial dating and marriage; though today Bob Jones University sometimes claims that the policy is a product of a (1950s) legal threat on the part of the parents of a female Asian student who threatened legal action after learning that their daughter was dating a white student." ( From: "significant" were THE RULES banning interracial dating to the Joneses and to the administrators of Bob Jones University?

A violation of any of Bob Jones University's RULES on interracial dating was viewed as so "significant" that it mandated the harshest punishment available to Bob Jones University: EXPULSION. After a 13 year battle, the Supreme Court ruled againt BJU and stripped BJU of its tax exempt status. Bob Jones III spoke passionately regarding the ruling against BJU and its interracial dating ban: "Religious freedom has been murdered by the Supreme Court today." "...

For Bob Jones III it was a new experience: he was not in control.

He could not dispel the controversy by bullying his supporters into falling in line with his wishes.

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As Jones later ranted and raved about all of the liberals at Harvard and Yale, King had to remind him that George W. Jones had nothing to counter with except “Well, it's possible for a man to come through the system and not buy into it.” What about the allegations of racism?I located the college’s website and began to browse.Not surprisingly, the site had an entire section devoted to recent press coverage and in defense of the institution.Unlike most of the controversies that plague BJU, the interracial dating ban not only involved BJU's fundamentalist supporters, it involved aspirant presidential polititians, Alan Keyes and George W. The controversy garnered the attention of the national and international print and broadcast media.Bob Jones III and BJU were under unprecedented scrutiny for their 73 year ban on interracial dating.

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