Blackberry facebook not updating contacts

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the trouble i have is getting the users to keep the number of contacts under 1,000, as the resources of the older handsets (no memory cards) get a bit strained, and you don't want them switching to 'auto-purge mode' to survive.

We normally use sub-folders in Contacts for the users to store ALL their contacts and they are told to only copy the important/regular ones into the main folder for auto-copying to the berry.

Also, post back with the error so we can help you out.

When you say perform an update do you mean adding/removing or updating contact info either on the handheld or Outlook?

Are the contacts set to synchronise wirelessly on the device? The MAGT logs are quite large so I would suggest renaming the folder, then try sync a contact on a user several times.

go to contacts - options (depending on what type of devices you have) - choose the contact list. If you see an error, check out and paste the error in.

So, until then we have to make sure all of our contacts are in our main Contacts folder and not subfolders.

We categorize all of them so we can filter by the category. Its usually explained in the BES server documentation, and it used by on the handset manuals, but i haven't seen it in any recently ones, they have always ONLY read the master Contacts/address book folder on the message servers, any sub-folders will not be copied to the handset.

The calendar works a little bit differently but try with notes and if you're having the same issue there as with contacts it's very likely a permissions issue. ~ CFJ turn off the wireless synch, dock with USB and BB Desktop Manager, link to mail client, and manually run a synch with contacts ticked, this should do a complete copy from mail server to handset, then turn wireless/OTA back on.Have you verified that the besadmin service account has proper permissions both in AD as well as exchange?Can you open a cmd and run X:\program files\research in motion\blackberry enterprise server\tools\on one of the users - do all tests pass?Black Berry 10 OS version 10.2.1, is designed to help you be more productive and stay better connected.The update includes many brand new changes and updates to go over, keep reading for the inside scoop on it all. So dive in to see when you can expect the update to begin rolling out in your region.

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