Black and white dating in london

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I assume that anyone saying all places are equal in this regard has not travelled very much or is not very observant.

I just said what I was told, this white guy was married to a black woman and she was killed in front of him by 3 black men, he was told to sit down, keep quiet and he wouldn't be harmed, she seemed to have been killed just because she was married to a white guy.

The eccentric, open-minded and tolerant reputation of the British is, in general, accurate.

However, I often read American blogs that advise Black women to go to Europe as it is more likely that they’ll find love with a slight irritation – dating non-Black men here is certainly no easier than anywhere else.

wife knows or knew a white guy who was married to a black female in London and she was murdered by black men for being with a white guy..of honour killing I suppose, I never really understood it myself.'Honour killing'?

I think you misunderstood it badly or just misheard.

All places are not free from racism but to be honest I feel London and the majority of the UK is one of the best places for mixed race couples and have never seen people stare at people on the street or have issues.

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we didn't ask further, it was a bad time for him, yes it was 30 odd years ago.h 30 years ago London completely different. Lived in London and suburbs pretty much all my life up until a year ago, dated all races no issues apart from one friend of a boyfriend at a time having an issue with me a white woman dating a black guy but none from people on the street . Thats the only scenario where your tale could hold truth.'Interracial' couples in London are a fact of life and have little significance to anyone now.In my teens I used to go to mainly black clubs as a white woman with friends for the music that was played and never issues. Interacial couples are very common in most of the UK, we are a multicultural nation and by and large race relations are good, especially compared to a huge amount of other places in the world including the US.

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