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We’re never advocates of rigid checklists when selecting a mate, but when it comes to your faith, we understand that can and should be a deal breaker if it’s important to you.

Before you start dating in any capacity, you need to figure out just how important your faith is to you.

It’s important in how we spend our time, what morals we hold dear, how we conduct ourselves, and how we raise our kids.This means that regardless of where you are in your walk, there are matches that are going to be on the same page.There are going to be people who understand what you’re going through and where you’re at in your life.Before you join, ask yourself these questions: Once you get all of these questions figured out, you’re going to have a pretty easy time figuring out what it is that you’re looking for in a Christian mate.These faith-based sites have tools that will help you to sort through potential matches based on your answers to these questions and so much more.

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