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“I said something like, ‘If he was cut in training camp, we wouldn’t necessarily have a record of him playing in a regular season game.’”Sports Reference started with Baseball-Reference in 2000, when Forman, looking to avoid work on his doctoral dissertation on applied mathematical and computational sciences at the University of Iowa, began building a website from the CD-ROM that accompanied the printed Total Baseball encyclopedias. Forman, who has contributed to The New York Times’s baseball coverage in the past, expanded his endeavor by creating Sports Reference in 2004.

Three years later he formalized loose affiliations with Pro-Football-Reference (founded by Doug Drinen in 2000) and Basketball-Reference (founded by Justin Kubatko in 2004).

C., uses Baseball-Reference’s Play Index to manage statistical searches. And over the summer, Sports Reference began another major undertaking: a soccer website,, which the company hopes will be as comprehensive as its other sites.

Sports Reference, however, does not have the gleaming offices or huge staff of a digital titan.

There are many different baseball terms that are also sex baseball terms here they are...

1st base (single) is anything involving mouth to mouth contact in a sexual way. making out) 2nd base (double) is the use of hands on or in the "privates" (ex.

Once you get beyond the basics, however, the information on the sites runs the gamut of sources.

They include a collection of old college media guides acquired from a single collector and a professor in Britain who supplies statistics of independent baseball leagues.

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