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Mike Chang: Senior Footballer Tina Cohen-Chang: Junior Nickname (If there he/she has one): Sammy, Trouty (Santana, amongst other names) Evans.

Gender: Male Age: 17 (Junior) Date of Birth: 17th February Nationality: American Personality: Sam loves to joke around, and definitely has his blonde moments.

Relationships: Best friends with Puck, Quinn, Kitty and Brittany. Cheerio Full Name: Noah Oscar Puckerman, Nickname (If there he/she has one): Puck (Everyone) Puckerman (Santana and other people) Gender: Male Age: 17 (Senior) Date of Birth: 17th August Nationality: American Personality: Puck usually comes off as a bully, being cocky and arrogant at most times, he has a very short temper and gets really jealous easily.

/ Likes: performing, attention, getting solo's, Finn. / Parents: Hiram and Leroy Berry (Adoptive parents), Shelby (Mother) / History: Rachel is dating Finn Hudson, after a lot of drama together, and wants to settle down now in their relationship without any break up nonsense.

/ Friends: Rachel's 'friends' with most of the glee club, however some of them may deny this.

However she always says that the glee club are like her family.

(Vanessa Lengies) Eyes: Hazel Hair: Sandy Brown with blonde highlights Height: 5'3 Build: Sugar is fit, reasonably slim, but well-shaped. She is coming to terms with the fact that she can't sing, and has even admitted it while forfeiting herself and Rory from the duets contest.

Nickname: Puckerman (occasionally) Gender: Male Age: 16 (Sophomore) Date of Birth: 17th October Nationality: American Personality: Laid back, although hot headed at times, a good listener, trustworthy Likes: dancing, honesty, sports in general Dislikes: liars, laziness and attention seekers Family: Parents: Tanisha Puckerman Siblings: Noah Puckerman (half-brother) Appearance: (Jacob Artist) Eyes: Brown Hair: Dark brown Build: Strong, tall with good abs.

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