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Since we worked in the same place, this was easy—no text-message breakup here. ) I got it into my head that I should do it right then, and my mental health trumped professionalism.I needed to not be alone after the conversation, and at work I had Favs and Tommy next to me in the back corner of the Obama Senate office and my friend Terry, who worked for Senator Maria Cantwell, down the hall.She was so likeable and relatable, yet she nabbed the Hollywood heartthrob. —the most-watched episode of the decade, a huge event everyone talked about for weeks afterward—aired in front of a live studio audience. Shortly after New Year’s, there was a picture of Brad and Jen walking arm in arm—canoodling, actually—on a beach in Anguilla—he was wearing a T-shirt that read TRASH.And although it ended up being a dramatic moment of romantic resolution for Rachel Green, apparently Brad didn’t go. My fears about their possible breakup were finally assuaged. Diaz is best known for playing the role of Jasmine on the ABC Family show The Nine Lives of Chloe King as well as Celia Ortega on the daytime soap opera As the World Turns.

If we were going to break up—and we needed to—I was going to be the one who had to do it. You might as well just skip the rest— it’s obvious where this is going.Like many people, I deal with them by zoning out and watching TV.I developed this habit during my freshman year of college—when I was under the impression that I was the least cool and smart person in my dorm—because my arrival on campus coincided with the debut of three major shows: became a common-room event.A couple of years later, when it came out that Jennifer Aniston was dating Brad Pitt, a man so sexy his name is synonymous with the quality, I became obsessed., I tracked every detail of Jennifer Aniston’s relationship with Brad Pitt in the tabloids I was still ashamed to read. Had America’s Sweetheart been left at the altar of her The unease passed after I watched the episode. Maybe none of the other cast members’ partners were there—I should have tried to find David Arquette! I’d always thought TV shows were a bit like campaigns: You work fourteen-, fifteen-, sixteen hour days believing in what you do but not knowing if people will like it or respond to it, trying to make a compromise between the integrity of the project and its commercial viability/electability. We didn’t see it coming, and it was oddly one of the best speeches I think he’s ever given.I remember the moment I heard they were potheads and liked to smoke and go to concerts—I was a pothead who liked to smoke and go to concerts, too! The cast probably wanted to take in the final moments of this life they’d lived and the world they’d created together. And though the cast of was each making a million dollars an episode by the end, so this isn’t a perfect comparison, it’s true that for many shows you have no job security. (Same with Hillary—her concession speech was second to none.) (Actually, this is also true of John Mc Cain.) Anyway, days later I was on the unemployment line in Anacostia with my friend Terry, and all I could think was that I wanted to go home and rewatch the last season of co-star and another actress in whom I could find no fault.

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