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My question for you is, how can I make this MMF fantasy a shared fantasy with her and possibly a reality one day? For some it will remain a fantasy and for others they will live the fantasy.Only the two of you can decide what is best for you.This is something you will need to carefully think through before going forward because if you have any doubts it is best to keep it as a hot bedroom fantasy for the two of you to share.Not all women have specific fantasies- this has come up more than once on this board.

So for now I will stay in hopes that things will change.

I said "but I could never do it" and she said "why not? I dropped it because she hasn't been receptive in the past, but I should have said "only if you were comfortable with it and totally into it." She's been very stressed lately, so I'm waiting for the right opportunity to bring it back up.

I've brought up my fantasy with her during mutual masturbation several times, but the last time she was more receptive than ever before.

Have the two of you only talked about this in the bedroom?

If so you really need to have an honest conversation outside the bedroom when you are not distracted.

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